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photos by Jerry Reganess


Our town’s iconic farm could be lost forever. We have one last chance to save it and transform it into something magical, but we need your help.


Many of you are familiar with the Santos Farm. You might drive by it every day on the three-lane along Rt 209, just outside of Milford, PA. Old barns and farmhouses stand among orchards and tree-lined meadows that roll all the way down to the Delaware River, acting as a gateway to our town.


Today, the future of the Santos Farm hangs in balance. 


The Santos Farm reflects the heritage of Milford. This beautiful 28-acre, riverside farm harkens back to an almost forgotten era of living off the land and connecting with nature.


We intend to bring that back!

Currently, the farm is under contract with a developer to build a gas station, a strip mall, and, eventually, a bunch of condominiums. It's not just warehouses threatening our historic town, the Westfall strip mall sprawl edges ever closer on this side too! Both need to be stopped.

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Let's prevent this beautiful farmland from becoming a strip mall, gas station, and condos.


We have another plan in mind for the farm, and after discussions with the developer and the Santos family, our plans are a very real possibility!



With a 501(c)3 (non-profit status) in place for actual ownership, the farm will no longer be privately owned and will forever be for the public good. That’s the ideal situation, if we can garner enough community support. 

Our plan is to re-imagine and re-create the Santos Farm as the ultimate community hub for sustainable living.

This hub will help to preserve the heritage of Milford while also unifying the community with conscious programs and services centered around: 


Regenerative Agriculture Education

Education on regenerative agricultural practices, including a revival of cottage industry and organic farming. Workshops, tours, immersive farm-stays and volunteer programs will be available. 

Farm-to-Fashion Textile Production

An educational farm centered around a complete Milford grown-and-made line of organic clothing and textiles, demonstrating each step of garment production while also promoting regenerative agriculture practices. We've got Alpacas and Highland Cows in mind!

Sustainable Mercantile Store

A marketplace for local artisans, with everything you need to live sustainably. 


Farm-to-Table Dining

A family-friendly space, with real food and community care at its core. Emphasizing locally-grown and seasonally available produce, and ethically/humanely raised meat sources. 



Communal space available for weddings, parties, outdoor gatherings and artisan crafts/makers markets.


Immersive Farm Stays + Retreats

Rejuvenating and restoring self-care stays for individuals and group retreats. 

The ultimate community hub for sustainable living, with values everyone can get behind.

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our goal


Our goal is to raise $2M. This will enable us to:

  • buy out the developer,

  • stop plans for construction of the strip mall, gas station and condos, and

  • purchase the land.


First, we would like to gauge public support. So, we’re not actually asking for money just yet, we’re asking for a pledge of funds. 


Once we reach our pledge goals, (which we certainly think is possible!) we’ll reach back out. If you’re still able to commit to your pledge, you’ll have the opportunity to turn your pledge into a tax-deductible donation through a fundraising platform.


We do anticipate additional fundraising, supplemented with grants, to help with restoration and construction of more facilities in future too. But for now, we are in need of rescuing the farm from becoming a concrete jungle.


people have pledged


to date


Together, we are many. Let's

Save our small town! 

Help us preserve our way of life and enrich our community.

Every dollar raised brings us closer to our goal. The more people this reaches, the closer we are to realizing this dream.

Pledge now!

Pledge your support

Our initial goal is to gauge public support. So, at this stage, we’re asking for a pledge of funds, not actual money yet.


Once we reach our pledge goals, (which we certainly think is possible!) we’ll reach back out. If you’re still able to commit to your pledge, you’ll have the opportunity to turn your pledge into a donation through a fundraising platform.

Thank you for helping transform your community!